Wednesday 25th Nov 2020

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Autumn Meeting 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues

The British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group (BVDSG) would like to welcome you to their Autumn Meeting entitled “Head to Tail – Dermatology meets Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Neurology and Internal Medicine”. This meeting will be a VIRTUAL meeting hosted by ELearning Vet ( and will take place over the weekend of 12th and 13th September 2020.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding our decision back in March to host a virtual meeting, and the continued uncertainty about individuals’ ability or desire to travel and attend the traditional event in Stansted this Autumn, we made the decision to hold another virtual event.

We do hope that you will support our meeting as you always do and enjoy some world class Dermatology CPD from the comfort and safety of your own home!

We have a fabulous two-day speaker line-up this year covering a variety of different elements of the important cross-overs that we commonly see with skin disease, including perioral dermatoses, nasal planum dermatoses, periocular dermatoses, ocular disease of dermatological interest, internal diseases leading to skin disease, neurological aspects of ear and skin disease, including Chiari Malformation-Syringohydromyelia and PSOM, as well as food allergy and the microbiome.
We welcome expert speakers Hilary Jackson, Susan Thorne, Marge Chandler, Heidi Featherstone, Ian Ramsey and Alberta de Stefani-Llabres to a fascinating weekend of lectures.
We would like to thank our Sponsors for their continued and valued support, and our members for their regular attendance, both of which make it possible for us to hold these supremely high quality educational events.

We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy the meeting!

On behalf of the BVDSG Committee
Sarah Warren BVetMed MSc (Clin. Onc.) CertVD MRCVS
President of the BVDSG

BVDSG Autumn Meeting
Hosted by ELearning Vet on 12th/13th September 2020
Head to Tail, Derm meets Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Neurology and Internal Medicine

Saturday; 12th September 2020

Morning session:
0900 – 0945 Perioral dermatoses Hilary Jackson
0945 – 1030 Dentistry meets dermatology Susan Thorne
1030 – 1100 Break and commercial presentation
1100 – 1145 Diseases affecting the planum nasale Hilary Jackson
1145– 1230 What goes wrong in the nose-can it affect the outside? Marge Chandler
1230 – 1400 Lunch and commercial presentation

Afternoon session:
1400 – 1445 Ocular disease of dermatological interest Heidi Featherstone
1445 – 1530 Periocular dermatoses Hilary Jackson
1530 – 1600 Break and commercial presentation
1600 – 1645 Internal disease leading to dermatoses-hormonal Ian Ramsey
1645 – 1730 Internal disease leading to dermatoses - nutritional Marge Chandler
1730 – 1830 AGM

Sunday; 13th September 2020
Morning Session:

0900 – 0945 A Neurologists guide to ear disease Alberta de Stefani-Llabres
0945 – 1030 Chiari Malformationsyringohydromelia, PSOM, what do dermatologists need to know? Alberta de Stefani-Llabres
1030 – 1100 Break and commercial presentation
1100 – 1145 Dermatological aspects of ear disease Hilary Jackson
1145 – 1230 Food allergy, clinical signs and diagnosis Hilary Jackson
1245 - 1400 Lunch and commercial presentation

Afternoon session:
1400 – 1445 Food allergy from an internists perspective Marge Chandler
1445 – 1530 Microbiome & Probiotics: how do they work, when do we use them? Marge Chandler
1530 Abstracts

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